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Reduce Stress, Feel More Relaxed And Stay Uplifted.

Mindfulness Coaching Is A Great Way To:

  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Improve Your Mood
  • Become More Present
  • Enhance Well-being
  • Improve Behavior
  • Regulate Emotions
  • Enhance Awareness
  • Develop Creativity

What To Expect:

  • 45-Minutes With Coach
  • Virtual Or In-Person Counseling
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe


Mindset, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach

An Internationally Certified Meditation Teacher and Life Coach. Felipe has been working for more than a decade of training and coaching creatives and clients to find their purpose and align their actions and goals.

Successfully working with Mindfulness, Meditation, Art, and Healing in Pensacola, Felipe brings his expertise to Empathic Practice so you can receive holistic support in warming, personal, and compassionate way.

Learn to develop skills and practices for dealing with stress and crisis management, using your history and experience as the base ground for a framework created specifically for you.

Discover how Mindfulness

Coaching helps you obtain a

more fulfilling and stress-less life.

Mindfulness Coaching

Work on shifting perspective and focus on personal development. The ideal coaching if you are looking to learn how to find more concentration, mindfulness, meditation, and to improve wellbeing.

Nurturing positive emotions, and practicing positive attitudes you can find a less stressful perspective on life, find more focus and live more mindfully, develop more creativity, and operate in optimal performance.

Meditation Classes in Pensacola

Practice different styles of meditation and guided visualization. Learn the history of meditation, the purpose, and novel ways to meditate. Schedule private or group classes, or sign-up for Meditation Coaching that can take your practice and accountability to new levels.

You can meditate.

You can meditate right now.

Book Now and Learn Methods To Feel Less Stressed, More Relaxed And Uplifted, And How To Work With More Productivity.

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